Coffee Break September 5th 2023

Last Updated: 09/05/2023

Check out what's keeping us entertained on the internet this week

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Josh Rose

Looking for a good read or interesting video to suppliment your work break? We got you covered! Check out what’s been keeping us entertained on the internet this week:

ProfessorBoots' new Mini Skiddy 2.0 robot is a masterclass in 3D printed, DIY robotics

An analysis by Miziziziz on how video game art styles crafted by new developers can still generate unique and visually striking experiences, all without needing advanced artistic abilities.

Internet Pitstop guides you on a journey of learning to appreciate Twilight Princess - one of the most unique titles of the Legend of Zelda series. From its unrivaled atmosphere, to its beautiful soundtrack, to the surprising depth of its characters and world.

Not to be outdone, The Science Elf has developed an isometric Minecraft for the TI-84 graphing calculator. Complete with water and crisp shadows.

Here's a thought-provoking, masterfully-edited look at the life, work, and philosophy of Niccolo Machiavelli, from the underrated creator Horses.

HeyImKeelee's MegaMan Zero fangame is also coming along great. He recently added a bunch of new weapons and melee attacks to Zero's roster.

The creator of C++ shares life advice for programmers in this candid chat. He exhorts those learning programming not to over-specialize by getting too deep into very specific tools that may be obsolete in a few years, but to keep themselves flexible. And not to neglect the other important things in life, like genuine human connection, and having hobbies outside of computers.

Gallery of AI generated Hyundai Santa Fe's

This AI-assisted site from Hyundai lets you generate a stunning background for a photo of their vehicle. For a car ad, it's downright impressive.

In the words of GLaDOS, James Lambert's Portal 64 is looking pretty good.

Joseph's Machines shows off a morning routine that would make Wallace and Grommet jealous.

This epic animation celebrates 10 years of the beloved game Geometry Dash

Not dramatic at all

Anyway, hope you enjoyed our coffee break picks. Be sure to check in regularly, and follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram, to keep up to date on our latest picks!