Coffee Break October 2nd 2023

Last Updated: 10/02/2023

Check out what's keeping us entertained on the internet this week

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Josh Rose

Looking for a good read or interesting video to suppliment your work break? We got you covered! Check out what’s been keeping us entertained on the internet this week:

When a carpenter builds a custom amp, the result is glorious.

Seems like ChatGPT is getting some upgrades. For the moment just for paid users, but it will be interesting to how they decide to take things going forward. Since ChatGPT's first birthday, November 30, is coming up pretty soon.

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Neal Bauer shares the small, but interesting part he played in the dynamics surrounding the launch of the SEGA Dreamcast, in this funny, well-edited retrospective.

Jam2go shares the results of a really creative Unreal Engine project that simulates a (breakable) TV screen.

Nelson Bairos on has the perfect project to impress spook the neighbours this Halloween - a talking, animatronic 12-foot tall Home Depot skeleton! 💀

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Another "educational" video from Erik, on the horrors wonders of AI-generated films. As much as we're excited about AI here at OverScore, we love a good laugh at the expense of those who think AI should replace human artists and writers.

Back from the brink of the infamous Pi Shortage, the latest and greatest Raspberry Pi computer is just around the corner. As usual, Jeff Geerling puts it through its paces in this excellent intro video.

If you think a lot of French words sound the same, you're probably not ready for Mandarin 🦁

This awesome short film directed by 87render is peak G1 Transformers goodness.

A whole new take on stop-motion, Hojo Works shows off a 3D-printed animation, using multi-colour mode on his Bambu printer. Proof that Bad Apple will eventually be made to run on everything, even if it doesn't have a screen. Watching the layer lines change colours is really mesmerizing.

In this awesome shot-by-shot remake of TF2's "Meet the Heavy" animation, voice actor Gary Schwartz shows he's still got it!