Coffee Break August 28th 2023

Last Updated: 08/28/2023

Check out what’s been keeping us entertained on the internet this week

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Josh Rose

Looking for a good read or interesting video to suppliment your work break? We got you covered! Check out what’s been keeping us entertained on the internet this week:

This thought-provoking, funny, weird, existential crisis inducing video is another classic from the creator exurb1a.

Peng Zhihui, in our opinion one of the greatest up-and-coming roboticists of our time, announces an incredible new robotics platform. Keep an eye on this one. And check out the rest of his YouTube videos while you’re at it. This guy’s a beast in the mechatronics and AI world.

Georg Rockall-Schmidt gives an introduction to the wonderful terrifying world of BPA and its impacts.

This expertly-crafted video from RESPRiT delves into the bizarre history of South Korea’s e-sports scene, and how Starcraft played such an integral role in its development. With a healthy dose of late-90s, early 2000’s nostalgia thrown in for good measure.

Mr. Volt is at it again, creating another video game prop in real life. Very interesting watch, that crosses the line between game development and mechanical engineering.

Todd Howard opens up on some super-anticipated upcoming game projects, and a bunch of other stuff. Lex, as usual, is a delightful host.

This claymation short film is an absolute ride. Trust us, you gotta give it a watch.

This is just uncanny…

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This is a very impressive fake commercial, because the food actually looks edible!
The AI revolution truly is upon us!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed our coffee break picks. Be sure to check in regularly, and follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram, to keep up to date on our latest picks!