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Are you a designer, coder, writer, artist, or creative person of any kind? Maybe you have an entrepreneurial streak, but you don't know what to do with it?

If you're looking to join a team of like-minded professionals seeking to broaden their horizons while gaining experience working in a field about which they're passionate, you need look no further than OverScore Media!

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Need a website, logo, and/or custom artwork?

Got an idea for a software project but don't know where to start?

Looking for a dedicated team with a diverse set of skills?

Whatever you need from us, contact us to get the ball rolling!

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Posted: 2019-09-07 by Matthew Piercey

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What's better than free?

How about free AND open-source!

Check out our GitHub repo for some open-source goodies, including software, helpful development tools, CC0 photos, and the OverScore Commitment, a common-sense, open-source code-of-conduct template for open-source projects.

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Swanky Merch? We got it!

Royalty-free Vector Clipart? Yep.

Stock Photos? Yeah, actually.

Music tracks for your next game/movie/video? We got those, too!

All these and more are available from the OverStore!