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Want to gamify your success, but don't know where to start? That's where we come in.

Landing pages, e-commerce storefronts, business card sites, you name it! We can take a blank canvas and transform it into a masterpiece optimized for a blissful user experience. Designing our sites to work on any device is always a priority - so no, you don't have to ask - just sit back and watch us build to your specifications.
This is where the skill of real coders shine through. We can build just about any complex tool or service you require. Our web apps are always built with modern practices and technologies, providing you with solutions that are customizable, scalable, maintainable, accessible, and highly usable.
Do you have a dream app idea? We can put it together! Just like our websites, we are masters of designing and coding powerful mobile applications, for big and small uses. Native, web, PWA, or something else entirely - we got you covered in the mobile department.
If you're looking to construct utilities to empower your daily business operations, our team is excited to take on the challenge. Our pooled knowledge base of insights about software, hardware, data structures, and other disciplines gives us the flexibility to brainstorm and build efficient solutions to the many unique problems small businesses face.
Logos, motion graphics, animations, image optimization and vectorization, and all things 3D (3D printing, unique web-based experiences, CAD, and more). Creativity and a passion for achieving your desired vision is what we value, so you can trust that our visuals are always stunning and will perfectly fit the atmosphere of your brand.
Got a different type of project in mind? We can do a lot more than what's mentioned here. Reach out and let's get started on that project of yours!

Pretty cool, huh? You know what else is cool? Our Tech Stack

A Thirst for Victory

OverScore Media was founded in February 2021 by Joshua Rose and Matthew Piercey, then two Trent University students with a plan. We wanted to combine our shared passions for business and software. How better to do that, than by starting a software business? 😉

As software and business developers on a warpath to glory, we aspire to get OverScore's name associated with as many cool and useful projects as we can. In the process, we seek to alter the landscape of every industry we're a part of - for the better.

Whether your software or design project is small, huge, or somewhere in between, we're ready and willing to take a shot at bringing it to life.