Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant

Sunrise Caribbean, the largest Caribbean restaurant chain in Canada, commissioned us to make them a custom homepage

Check it out yourself:

Sunrise gives you good vibes! Every popular restaurant chain should have a creative and thematic website. Not only does it allow the franchise to show off flashy images of their best dishes, it also provides a chance to display the brand's rich culture. This article describes the design and construction of the visitor facing portion of the website.

A wide range of colour palettes, background graphics, page layouts, fonts, and more were decided upon through the use of visual mockups in Figma

Our multiple Figma mockup iterations

As you can see, a design-heavy project requires plenty of drafted ideas before reaching a desired look for the client. Luckily, we have powerful tools such as Figma that can help us mock up a wide variety of ideas, nearly as fast as they can be conjured.

To capture the spirit of the Caribbean and their culinary atmosphere, our designs focus on loud accent colours that leap out at the viewer - when paired with bold dark text and backgrounds. Wooden panels give the site more texture, compliment images of food, and play into the islands theme. Food market and culinary icons/imagery can be seen throughout the home page to add to that effect. We worked closely with the photographer hired by Sunrise to produce playful and attractive media displays, such as the slideshow of popular dishes, the video taken inside the kitchen, and the collage of additional food shots.

Jerk Chicken in all its glory. You can almost smell it from here

The homepage displays crisp, mouth-watering images of Sunrise's dishes

Sunrise gives you good vibes, and that couldn't be better evidenced then by the care and personality with which they prepare their food

The company's motto, overlaid on a video playing in the background

A collage of various food items

Wraps, chicken, fresh veggies, fish platters, Trinidadian fried bake, Sunrise's own fruit juices, and more await!

Using WordPress gave us access to a plethora of plugins that enhance the visitor's information gathering experience. WP Mapit, for example, allows us to create and place stylish markers of each restaurant location on an interactive map. That way, visitors can find their local Sunrise. We also used an Instagram Feed plugin, which displays recent posts from the company's Instagram account.

Dozens of Sunrise Caribbean locations are dotted across a map of the Greater Toronto Area

The map of Sunrise's locations

Four of the company's latest Instagram posts are displayed above the words 'Stay Connected' and links to the company's Facebook and Instagram pages

The Instagram feed widget

Obviously, after seeing all of this attractive food, the visitor would be enticed to order something right? The menu page displays all food items available, in a neat and easily-navigable format. At the top of the page is a prompt to use one of the popular food delivery apps Sunrise is partnered with. Harnessing our inner code wizardry, we were able to create our own custom menu builder, which makes it easy for the admin to edit/add to the menu as they please.

Doordash, Skip the Dishes, and Uber Eats can provide delivery from a number of Sunrise locations

So, are you ready to order?

A scrolling list of menu options is on the right, and the current menu category, like 'Meals' is highlighted on the left

The menu page; note how the sidebar follows the currently-highlighted option

From this page, the site admin can add or edit the categories and items shown on the menu page

Our custom-built menu editing page for the admin dashboard

All said, the website we were able to craft for Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant really shows off their food and atmosphere in a fun, inviting way. We're proud to have been able to work with Sunrise to create a charming, unique website for their business.

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