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A contemporary upgrade for an electrical contracting company

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Looking for a simple business-card site to showcase your work? Look no further! With the power of Wordpress and Elementor, we were able to swiftly and elegantly transform our client's outdated site into something much more visually appealing.

The full-page website 'hero' section. Buxton & Dawe's iconic logo is displayed over footage of electrical work

Making a great first impression is key, so we put a video behind the company's excellent retro logo as the first thing visitors will see

Buxton & Dawe is an established electrical contracting company with over 60 years of service in the GTA area and across Ontario. These were our goals with this project:

  • Provide visitors with an overview of the company's services

  • Display examples of the company's past contracts

  • Include easily-accessible contact information

  • Wrap it all up with modern and visually-appealing design

We made sure the landing page displayed as much relevant information as possible, to get visitors up-to-speed quickly. This information includes the following:

A synopsis of the company:

Quality and tradition, the company's motto, is in a text box with a company overview, next to a picture of hands doing electrical work

The company motto is displayed beside an eye-catching visual of of hands working on an electrical outlet

A list of services and their descriptions, with links to pages that elaborate on each service:

Buxton & Dawe specializes in cabling, automation, infrared imaging, sub metering, data networking, and file alarm services

Each of the company's services is prominently displayed in picture form

Service descriptions are available for structured cabling, building automation, infrared thermal imaging, sub metering, and data networking

And we put some textual explanations up there, too

And contact information at the bottom of the landing page, in addition to the company's phone number at the very top of each page.

Easily contact Buxton & Dawe from the information provided to you by this helpful table

A box showing a map of the company's location, along with their email, street address, and phone number

If visitors are interested in seeing some of the work Buxton & Dawe has done in the past, they can visit the gallery.

Pictures of neatly-arranged rows of networking cables and refurbished manufacturing equipment are prominently displayed

Various past projects get their own sections in the gallery

The visual design was made with simplicity in mind, while still carrying the same boldness as the original branding from decades ago. This is accomplished using light translucent window elements overtop a fixed background, containing a few angled gradients. We used yellow accents in areas like the navbar, to match the company's logo.

Logos, typography, background graphics, and colour schemes are all being tested out in this screenshot of the Figma mockup board we used in development

Our Figma mockup board, with several designs in varying stages of completion

This project was made in WordPress Not usually our cup of tea (we like building custom web applications here at OverScore), but it was a fitting tool for the job, since we weren't making anything too complex. WordPress gave us quite a few options for layout configuration, without having to write any code (not that writing code is a problem; we love doing that, too), plus it conveniently organized aspects of development - like navigation, the media library, and styling - into their own separate areas of the admin dashboard, and made editing content after-the-fact trivial.

Dozens of pictures are displayed in a grid on Buxton & Dawe's WordPress dashboard page

A collection of pictures in a grid on the WordPress dashboard

Elementor is a website builder for WordPress that allows us to drag-and-drop responsive web components onto the page. All elements (minus the navigation bar) on the landing page and gallery were made this way. These include the video background behind the title, services windows, the list of partners/organizations, and the contact window. When used correctly, Elementor can be a powerful and useful tool. In the hands of someone with limited web or design experience, however, we believe it could be quite cumbersome.

Elementor allows for the visual editing of a website's components. It is a different paradigm then creating a website with code

The drag-and-drop website editor provided by Elementor. Not a panacea by any means, but it's usable

In conclusion, Buxton & Dawe was a great learning experience for our team. We were able to build a WordPress website with Elementor that didn't look tacky (a surprisingly difficult task) and was packed with functionality. We believe the finished product allows the ethos of the company, certainly one of quality and tradition, to shine just as brightly as the examples of the many impressive projects the company has on display.

What we used to make it:
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