Stluet Furniture

Stluet Furniture

When featuring products that already have their own artistic attributes to show off, minimalism can be a web designer's best friend. Stluet is a perfect example of that; each product demands full attention from the viewer so they can visualize it as a piece in their own home. Since this was one of our most straightforward ecommerce builds, we took advantage of downloadable Wordpress themes that have premade styled elements we can just configure into what we want. Upon client request we installed the Depot theme by Mikado and went straight to work.

The goal of this site, from a navigation perspective, is to make whatever type of product the client is looking for easily reachable, while also promoting discovery - can't forget the cross sell! This is a very important thing to keep in mind, as we have to factor in scalability. Will what we built be alright with 10 products? 100? 1,000? OK, maybe once you get 1,000 products, you should probably consider something more robust than a simple WordPress website. But this website will definitely work for the 10s-to-100s range of products. This is why we organized products into organized into categories and subcategories that are accessible on the navigation bar. On the home page, we kept our introduction short and to the point - with a display for featured products in case the owner wants to put certain things on sale

Home page

The simple elegance of a minimal homepage

Featured home page products

Featured home page products. Note the categories in the navbar

Category specific page

A specific category's own page

Since this is furniture we're dealing with, the pages for individual items have plenty of information on dimensions, weight, quantity in stock, additional images, and more. Purchasing is also extremely straightforward. Once visitors find something they like, they'll be able to add it to their cart and checkout.

Individual product page

A page for an individual product, with all the relevant details available

Individual product page continued

Scrolling down on an individual product's page, we can see even more relevant information

Shopping cart

And finally, the shopping cart. Order up!

In summary, we think Stluet Furniture's site will serve its owner and visitors well. And it gave us a chance to demonstrate that, while we also excel at creating custom content for the web, we are also capable of adapting existing templates and themes to meet the needs and desires of our clients.

Liked what you saw up there? We can make it happen for you, too. and let's get started on that project of yours!