Alcozi Landscaping


With the help of Elementor Pro, a WordPress website builder service, we were able to satisfy all the basics required by the majority of this small trades company - a description of the business, a list of services, examples of work, and a method of contact. This is all achieved and wrapped in a clean geometric design that represents the company's professional tone.

Alcozi Landscaping offers a multitude of services related to interlocking, for both residential and commercial properties. The first step in the visitor's journey is making those services clear, which is why the main ones are displayed after the hero. Although a full list of services can be found on a separate Services page. Since WordPress makes blogging so easy, we made a specific page for each service, complete with a description and example images.

Alcozi Landscaping hero

Alcozi Landscaping's Hero. Note the symmetry and geometric shapes used for effect

Main services

The list of the main services, as displayed on the homepage

Services page

The services page. Each service has its own interactive dropdown displaying more information about it

Individual service page

A page highlighting an individual service in detail. Again, WordPress makes this easy to build.

The next step in the process of pulling in potential clients is to show some examples of the company's skill. Displaying pictures of transformed properties provides the opportunity to show off mastery of the craft. These strong visuals can help visitors pragmatically envision the kind of work that can be done to transform their own space. In order to achieve this, we peppered images of finished work and before-and-afters around the site in various places. But they're displayed most-prominently in the Gallery page.

Service example on gallery

The gallery page, with separate pictures for each service category

Before and after in gallery

A before-and-after in the gallery page

Finally, once the visitor is ready to inquire about what the company can do for them, they should be ushered towards some way to touch base with the people behind the company... like a contact form, of course! We included a contact form in the footer, so its available on every page. (Kinda like we did on our own company site, hint hint, nudge nudge) The fields included ensure the owner receives all the necessary information, such as images of the property. Because while more information will almost always be necessary to ensure an accurate quote, enabling users to provide the business with the most relevant information right off the bat ensures that the quoting process starts off on the right foot, and that the client's needs are being addressed first and foremost.

Contact form

The contact form, as it appears in the footer of every page

But we also baked in an option for shorter and faster inquiries, if visitors are looking to contact Alcozi Landscaping without requesting a quote. is an excellent service that fixes a chat bubble in the corner of your website. This is a very common practice in modern business website builds - you've probably seen or interacted with several (to varying degrees of effectiveness). Don't worry, this one's been done right, as it allows visitors to send quick messages to the company, which are all managed on the web app by the business owner. It's nice having that kind of centralization.

Chat app on website

The chat app as displayed in the bottom-right corner of the website app's dashboard for this project. No, we didn't make it or anything, but we did recommend it out of dozens of potential options

So yeah. Again, this is a simple "business card" website. No frills, no unnecessary "features", no fluff. Just clean, to-the-point design, relevant content, sensible layout, and a clear path from visitor to potential client. While we can certainly pull off something great for a far more complex set of requirements, it's refreshing to be able to make one of these sites, and it's a straightforward way to level up the online presence of many an excellent small business like Alcozi Landscaping.

Liked what you saw up there? We can make it happen for you, too. and let's get started on that project of yours!