Join Us!

Who are we?

OverScore Media is a decentralized design and software development agency. We are a small (but growing) group of passionate coders, makers, and designers dedicated to creating hand-crafted mixed-media experiences.

We may not have all the experience, but we do have the skills, the potential, and the wherewithal to learn more and grow in each of our professional journeys.

And, oh yeah...

We're Hiring!

Want to work with us? Read on to discover the benefits!

Work whence you want

You read that right. Since we aren't a traditional agency, we aren't intrinsically-tied to any particular location. That means that the members of our team can work from wherever they happen to find themselves.

Work when you want

In our experiences, one of the hardest parts about being a post-secondary student is finding time in your busy schedule to get everything done. That means it can be extremely difficult to hold down a traditional job while you're at school, since the times you are available to work (read: are able and want to work) almost always will differ at least slightly from a traditional job's time requirements.

Or, hey; maybe you're a stay-at-home parent (or you'd like to be but can't manage it). Being able to leverage your talents to make a decent income to help support your kids - while you're at home parenting - sounds like a compelling concept, doesn't it?

Maybe you're worried about joining OverScore Media, because you think it'll mean giving up your current job. Perhaps you're afraid that joining our team means never leaving work. Well, neither of those need concern you. Every member of our team gets to set their own schedule, so you can decide when you're ready to work. We're prepared to go out of our way to accomodate your personal timetable, if you need us to do that. And, hey - if you already have a job, but you'd rather be doing something you love (or you feel like making a bit of extra money in your downtime), you can totally still join us, assuming your employer/employment contract is OK with it.

As a member of OverScore Media, you don't have to try to juggle your schedules - you know what times of the day/week work best for you (read: what times you are most productive), and when you're available, so you can do your best work then.

Pursue your Passion

So, you may be wondering what positions we're hiring. Well, to be perfectly honest, we're looking for just about everybody at this point. Are you a graphic designer, videographer, web developer, writer, software engineer, musician, Photoshop specialist, maker, accountant, fashion designer, content creator, photographer, and/or business person?

The beauty of working with us is that you can basically work however you want, under our company name. We share a brand, social/web presence, portfolio, and set of financial books/expenses. We're even looking into getting some shared office space in Peterborough. Basically, working with us is like working for yourself, just easier (and more fun)!

Work with us, not for us

OK, we're going to level with you for a second here. If you decide to join OverScore Media, you'll be working with us, not for us. That's an important distinction, since we're not offering a traditional career. No, with OverScore Media, you aren't an employee - you're a partner.

Our non-standard business model means that, if you work with us, you literally get to call OverScore Media "my company," because each and every member of our team has the ability to voice their thoughts, work their own way, and have a say in how we get things done. You'll get the flexibility of working for yourself, with the stability of working at a traditional job, combined with the freedom of freelancing, topped off with the unique privilege to be a part of what we're doing.

At OverScore Media, we're looking to go over and above - the expectations of our clients, the supposed experience- level of our team, and the limitations traditionally-imposed on organizations of our size, age, and structure.

And, if so happens that you're looking to go over and above, we very well may be looking for you!

Fill out our contact form if you're ready to go (or if you have any questions), and we'll get back to you ASAP!