Zachary John

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My name is Zachary John, and I'm a Front-End Developer with OverScore Media. I’m a current Trent University student finishing my degree in Computing Systems. My roles on the team are designing the UI/UX for our work and implementing beautiful, responsive, and accessible code for our clients’ projects - as well as OverScore's homepage. I am spending my time improving my experience on the back-end side in the hope of becoming a Full-Stack developer in the future. I joined OverScore's Discord server because I was looking for a team with a great culture and a collaborative environment that would offer me a challenge and room for growth.

My other interests include Data Analysis and Machine Learning - having first become interested in computer science in high school due to my love of baseball and their analytics revolution. My dream would be to work in a Major League front office or spend all my time contributing to interesting baseball data science projects. In the mean time, I'm using my interest in Data Analysis and Machine Learning and applying it to other domains. In my spare time, you can find me watching baseball, freelancing, working on personal projects, or unplugging and enjoying the outdoors.