Alisher Turubayev

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I am a newbie Front-End developer, starting after I graduated from Trent University in January of 2021. I am excited to learn new things in the field and get better at mocking and implementing UI features! In my work, I always try to put myself in the place of a potential user: how do I organize this layout, how do I convey the most important information, how do I get across the possible actions that the user can take, and how do I get the error message across? Right now, I am getting ready for a Master's degree in Digital Health at Hasso-Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany while working on a project with Overscore Media!

In terms of my interests, I love video games, anime, and pushing my boundaries of knowledge further. This can include anything from economics, or politics, or sociology, to science and technology. I also love to think philosophically and challenge my worldviews to become a better human!