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Looking for a .ZIP file of OverScore Media's official brand assets (including crisp SVG logos and colour variants)? Look no further.

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Full Logo:

OverScore Media's Full Logo

Just OverScore:

OverScore Media's Full Logo

O Favicon:

OverScore Media's Full Logo


At OverScore Media, we love a good font. We use Inter and Aldrich on our site.

Usage Guidelines:

We aren't super picky about how you use our logos and brand assets, but we'd appreciate it if you could please follow these basic Usage Guidelines:

Contrast is Key: Whichever colour of logo you're using, make sure it sticks out from the background

Keep it As-Is: Please don't try to edit/morph/change our logo or add anything to it

Integrate Our Colours: whenever practical, we recommend complementing our logo with a background that's one of our brand colours - it helps with consistency

Thanks and Enjoy!